A long and complicated story”

but here's the short form.

Bobby Speedy Gray was born in the pine forests of southern North Carolina. He grew up running around in the woods and singing church songs.

One day the janitor at a neighborhood hardware store (a good one with hardhats, mattocks, and a candy counter) taught him how to play some blues guitar.

At 13 he toured the southland, slinging guitar and banging on a piano for a good little gospel act.

Discovered Alice Cooper, the Allman Brothers. and God forever bless Jimi Hendrix

He graduated to the Ramones. Danced to David Bowie, screamed along with Cheap Trick, and marveled at the magic of Bruce Springsteen.

Wasted years apologizing for Paul Westerberg.

Moved to Wyoming and discovered Cowboy Poetry.

Got all political.

Headed to the desert to write about blood and murder, and betrayal and lies. Good cops, bad women and the Devil.

Saw the ocean after 20 long years

 and became Ragged Coyote.